Cantu twist & lock gel – Review


Hey guys!

Back so soon? Oh yes. This review couldn’t wait, I was too excited to share. I literally swear by this stuff. I am 100% a hair product junkie, i’ll try anything. I absolutely love trying new stuff based off friend’s recommendations and reviews I see online.

A fellow “natural” recommended that I try Cantu products about 2 years ago and the rest as they say is history 😉

Not 100% sure but I have been told that my hair is low porosity, meaning that the hair cuticle lies flat which makes it harder to take in moisture, (problem solved guys) bringing a whole host of problems like brittle, dry hair leading to breakage – ugh. And as you can probably tell from my page I LOVE my curls to be nice, greasy and supple (don’t we all!?) Which leads on to why I maintain a loving relationship with my Cantu 😉

Cantu is one of the few brands that I have found to be of good quality, (No, sulfates, silicones, parabens or mineral oil) it really moisturises deep down into the hair shaft as well as being kind to my purse! This is why I have become a pretty loyal customer of theirs.

As a disclaimer, I did learn early on that Cantu can be a selfish product, i.e. if you’re using a Cantu product on your hair you may experience some flakiness if you use other products (that aren’t Cantu) alongside it. To be honest though that didn’t dissuade me, as their range is so big I didn’t really have a need to mix and match.

At present I’m really enjoying twist out’s that I can work and re-work (yes I’m lazy and I love a bit of low maintenance.) Out the shower with damp hair I use a good amount of Cantu’s Leave-in Conditioner followed by organic coconut oil (to seal in all that goodness). The texture is nice and slippy which helps with the detangling to follow! When my hair is nice and knot free I get a decent amount of the Cantu twist & lock gel and run this through my hair (in sections of course) then get twisting! I’ll sleep in this and take it out the following day and every-single-time the curls be poppin’. Shiny, soft and just feels so moisturised! This is 100% a curly hair and twist out essential.



Introduction post


First post! Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I’m going to start off with the standard introduction of who I am and why I started this blog. Hopefully you’re still reading!

I am (newly) 20 years old in the gorgeous city of Birmingham. Currently, I am pursuing a career in Marketing. Having not attended University unlike 99% of my counterparts, I took a bit of a short cut and landed happily on my feet in a job that I truly love.

I have a gorgeous boyfriend who I must admit I am slightly obsessed with. He’s such a darling (and he’s 6ft 2″ so score 😉 I joke I joke but seriously he is a babe).

So why did I decide to blog? A few reasons really, first off being that I love to write. I’m the kind of girl who has always kept a diary, my current one having started in 2008 and is ongoing!

Secondly, a LOT of encouragement from my boyfriend. He has consistently pointed out things he enjoyed and thought were blog worthy so I decided to listen (eventually.)

Thirdly, as part of my job I get to collaborate with the most amazingly talented bloggers, it’s really hard not to be inspired by them.

Last but not least I LOVE my hair. That’s a big deal for me because it most definitely has not always been the case. I have been through, relaxers, home dyes, haircuts that were meant to be trims, over processing, transitioning and exploration into the “natural world” which I didn’t even know was a thing. I got into my research along with my sister of how to properly treat my hair to keep it healthy and it became an obsession! I started to look for products based on the ingredients list and not just the smell. Mineral oil? Jog on.

It became a big passion and something I still really love. When my hair is healthy and looking right I feel amazing! The trial and error is part of the fun, so I thought I’d share my hits and misses with anyone who cares to take a look 😉